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Network asset manager is designed to help administrators monitor the software and hardware installed in there network.

Following is the list of parameters that are collected from the monitored machines.

  • Computer System boot state, model, domain.  
  • Processor Processor type, number, speed. 
  • OS Operating system name, service pack, last boot. 
  • Bios Manufacturer, version. 
  • Motherboard Manufacturer, model,  product. 
  • Disk Size, Interface, Model.  
  • Memory Capacity, speed, form-factor. 
  • Logical drives Name, size, free-space. 
  • CD ROM Name, media type, manufacturer. 
  • Video Resolution, memory, name. 
  • Multimedia Name, manufacturer. 
  • Monitor Screen dimension, manufacturer. 
  • Share Name, caption, path. 
  • Printer Name, port, status. 
  • Hot fixes ID, description, install by. 
  • Startup Name, command, location.
  • Software Name, version, install date. 
  • Processes Name, Private bytes, command line.
  • Services Name, state, start mode. 
  • IP routes Name, destination, protocol. 
  • Environment variables Name, status, value. 
  • User groups Name, users, domain.
  • Network Adapter

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