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Network Asset Manager is an open source light weigh Hardware and Software Inventory Management system written in C#. Network Asset Manager is simple to use and collects information on all hardware and software components of your PC's and Servers that are on the network. No additional software or agents are required to be installed on these machines thus saving a lot of configuration time.

Network Asset Manager can help you in the following ways

  • Tracking of hardware on the network computers.
  • Software Asset tracking.
  • Better utilization of the available hardware and software resources.
  • Software license compliance audit.
  • Maintain Software usage compliance as per company policy.


Network Asset Manager is light weight application which the network administrators can install on their desktops. Once installed, Network Asset Manager can remotely scan all the desktops and servers that are available on the network remotely without any client or agent installation. During the asset discovery process, Network Asset Manager collects all the software and hardware asset information from networked machines. The asset information is collected and then stored in a database on the administrator's machine.

Hardware Asset Tracking

Network asset manager can track lot of different hardware components of system. Some of the hardware assets that the NAM tracks include Processor, Logical Disk, Desktop Monitor, Sound Device, etc.

Software Asset Tracking

Network asset manager can track lot of different software components of system. Some of the software assets that the NAM tracks include installed software, running processes, installed services, User group info etc.

To see the complete list of monitored assets please refer this inventory section

Advanced Report generation

Network asset manager has an advanced super easy to use reporting engine build into it. IT managers can generate reports on multiple filtering criteria. The reports can be generated as an html file for easy publication on intranet portals or can even be generated as a XML file for easy import in any third party system.

That’s not all...

The development of Network asset manager is still in progress. There are lot of features that are still in development. If you feel we have missed something really important please let us know.

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